An Independent Review of the Camper Plus

"Superbly built camper conversion with long-term durability in mind, which means you should get plenty of enjoyment from it too."

Tried & Tested

Nomad’s experience is gained by having an endless stream of customers giving feedback on the campers they’d hired and has allowed them to both build with a level of durability that some other converters lack.”

Flexible Seating Options

“Nomad installs the Reimo 333 seat/bed system and its associated floor rails. The entire unit can slide fore and aft to vary either the required leg room or the rear storage.”

Layout Options

“Within reason the layout options with Nomad’s Vohringer kit are endless. With options to put things exactly where they want. I really liked and appreciated the drawer under the hob. I always consider a drawer for cutlery and knick- knacks to be a vital feature and I’m amazed how many ‘vans don’t have them.”

Quality Counts ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Absolutely no corners have been cut in building this campervan. Seeing the level of workmanship in the company’s workshop is very reassuring and is something that Nomad encourages potential customers to do. There are no unneccessary frills in a Nomad; everything is durable & functional, but also comfortable.”

Finishing Touches

“The bits you cannot see in a conversion are just as important as the bits you can in a professional campervan conversion. The entirety of the wiring is supplied by Wurth, good levels of insulation (10mm closed-cell foam all round) and a reliable Webasto Airtop diesel unit mean the vehicle can be utilised year round.”

Brands You Can Trust

“The suppliers that Nomad uses are well trusted names in their respective fields. All this indicates that no corners are cut and no unsuitable savings made that could detract from the comfort or longevity of the conversions.”


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