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Why choose the Reimo Variotech Seating Systems?

We believe the Reimo Variotech 3000 and 333 seating systems set the industry standard for all the best attributes of a campervan seat system:

1. Flexibility

The versatile Variotech rail system allows the seat slide up and down the vehicle giving maximum flexibility between living and load space. The rail system opens up a whole new world of sitting, sleeping and storage options which a fixed bed just can’t match.

2. Comfort

All Reimo Variotech seating systems transform quickly and very easily in to a large, double bed. Because the bed is made up from the specially foamed undersides of the seat cushions it allows for a perfectly flat bed for maximum comfort, making it the perfect VW campervan bed.

3. Safety

The Reimo Variotech 3000 and 333 seating systems have been fully crash tested, conform to German TUV standards and comply to the latest European standards. They are the only 2 Reimo campervan seats on the market that offer 3 seats with integral 3-point belts.

We are official UK Reimo agents, our technicians have been trained in Germany by Reimo and are certified installers of Reimo seating systems and roofs. Installations are in full accordance with Reimo’s instructions to ensure high quality SAFE installations.

4. Quality

Reimo are one of the most established names in the business and have been operating in the UK for over 25 years.

Reimo Variotech 3000 or Reimo Variotech 333 Seating System?

We are certified to install both the Reimo Variotech 3000 and the Variotech 333 seating system and use both seating systems across our range of conversions.

The Reimo Variotech 333 seating system is standard in our Camper and Sport models.

The Reimo Variotech 3000 seating system is fitted as standard on our premium Camper+ and an update option on the Sport and Camper.

Reimo Variotech 3000 Seating System

The Reimo Variotech 3000 seating system is one of the best seating and bed systems on the market today offering exceptional comfort and flexibility without compromising on safety or quality. Reimo’s latest technology is a glue bonded rail system which is fully installed from within the van and requires no drilling or cutting of the chassis to install.

For travelling, the Reimo Variotech 3000 can be locked in several different positions, giving greater travelling flexibility.

The seat is available in three widths, all of which are approximately 30mm wider than the Reimo Variotech 333 seating system. On the classic 3/4 seat, this means your campervan conversion is narrower and the fridge and water tank are reduced in size.

An additional single demountable “buddy” seat with 3 point seat belt can be added to the rail system, turning your campervan into a people carrier capable of transporting up to 7 people in a safe environment. If required, the Variotech 3000 can also be completely removed from the campervan to allow for large loads.

For the perfect’s night’s sleep, the Variotech 3000 seat transforms quickly and easily in to a luxurious double bed (1900mm x 1300mm). The bed is made up from specially foamed undersides of the seat cushions, allowing for a perfectly flat bed with no uncomfortable lumps or bumps.

ISOFIX is an option on the 3000 seating system.

Reimo Variotech 333 Seating System

The seat can be locked into either of two positions, the main travelling position or the forward locking point which allows for maximum rear load space.

Once parked up, the seat can be freely moved forward or backwards and gives fully flexible living space.

The seat is available in three widths. We fit the classic 3/4 width 1160mm in our Nomad Camper conversion, the wider 1280mm seat in our Sport conversion and the full width 1410mm in our Surf and Day Van conversions.

The rail system is fitted using brackets underneath the van which are bolted through the chassis of the vehicle. We can fit Reimo Variotech 333 seating systems to both SWB and LWB Volkswagen transporter vans.

Prices for Reimo Variotech Seat Fitting starts from just £4,500 (Inc VAT). To book a Reimo seat fitting or if your require further information, please drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on 01403 264598.


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